Pressure on Poland for the restitution of the heirless properties of Holocaust victims

The email from the Honorary Consul Emeritus of Poland in Missouri to the Senator of Missouri Josh Hawley

Subject: Pressure on Poland for the restitution of the heirless properties of Holocaust victims 
Dear Senator Hawley, 
I was shocked to find your name on the list of 88 Senators who sent the letter to Secretary of State Pompeo urging him to pressure Poland to take action on the restitution of the property of Holocaust victims left in Poland. This is an irrational request and I urge you to convince your colleagues to withdraw this letter. 
1) In 1939, Germany and the Soviet Union invaded and occupied Poland (via Molotov-Ribbentrop pact) without any collaboration by the Polish government. 2) Properties during this time were seized by the Germans and Soviets, and at the end of WWII by the Communists, not by the Polish government. 

3) As one of the major allies in WWII Poland was betrayed at the end of the war by the USA and Great Britain and subjugated to the Stalin and the Soviets. 

4) Poland regained its independence in 1989 and since has worked on the restitution of property of pre-war Jewish communities. Individuals can also apply for property or compensation in private lawsuits. Heirless properties are claimed by the local government, similar to the law and practice in the USA. 

5) Poland has since become the strongest US ally but continues to be treated poorly by the USA (Visa Waiver denial, S.447 JUST, et al) 

6) The Polish-Americans (est. 10 million) will be well-informed of the action taken by the 88 Senators and will respond accordingly in the 2020 campaign. 

I urge you to withdraw your support of this letter and to convince your colleagues to do the same. 


Robert Ogrodnik