USA – The 100th birthday of Gen. Edward L. Rowny!

April 3, 1917 marks the 100th birthday of

Gen. Edward L. Rowny! 

Congratulations and thank you, General for your extraordinary achievements in public service!


Gen. Rowny is a retired Ambassador and U.S. Army General; he was a commanding officer in WWII, Korea and Vietnam, a military advisor to five U.S. Presidents and a chief negotiator in arms reduction talks with the Soviet Union. Gen. Rowny received many awards for valor in combat, and in 1989 was presented with the Citizens Medal from President Reagan for being one of the „Chief Architects” for „Peace Through Strength.”
A graduate of John Hopkins University, West Point Academy, Yale University, and National War College, General Rowny was also one of the very first Kosciuszko Foundation grantees who studied at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland.
In the early 1990s, Gen. Rowny was an initiator and a mastermind behind returning Ignacy Jan Paderewski’s remains to Warsaw, Poland, which he considers one of his biggest accomplishments. Read an article by Gen. Rowny.
At 100 years old, Gen. Rowny hasn’t lost his drive to serve. He is the President of the American Polish Advisory Council and has been involved in many philanthropic activities, like running the Paderewski Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarships to Polish students to study at Georgetown and George Mason Universities.
General Rowny is this year’s Kosciuszko Foundation Medal of Recognition recipient. The Award will be presented during the KF Annual Ball on April 29th at the Plaza Hotel.
During the Ball we will also honor Wanda Lorenc, Wincenty Knapczyk, Zbigniew Kruszewski, Ph.D. and Mieczyslaw Madejski – extraordinary people who distinguished themselves in their valor and service in times of peace and conflict. The Ball will be chaired by Dr. Dorota Andraka, President of the Polish Supplementary School Council of America.