The letter below was delivered to officials of the Democrat National Committee and to the Biden for President Campaign.

Request to Biden that He Apologize

Dear Vice-President Biden,

At your October 15, 2020 Town Hall you wrongly said that Poland is a totalitarian country.  Your pernicious falsehood harms Poland our loyal NATO ally. 

Please see below the definition of totalitarianism that has won widespread support over the past several decades. Yale University History Professor Timothy Snyder, who has become a public intellectual, recently recalled the importance of Hannah Arendt’s definition of totalitarianism in his anti-Trump pamphlet On Tyranny. In her 1951 book, THE ORIGINS OF TOTALITARIANISM, which has stood the test of time and still is the top monograph which compares the Nazi German and Soviet Communist totalitarian regimes, Hannah Arendt persuasively shows that the essential condition for totalitarianism requires the elimination by armed force of voluntary associations of free citizens.  

No lucid observer sees the repression of free Hungarian or Polish associations by the State.  It is true that the traditionalist governments of both countries do NOT share the values of the atheist and permissive “politically correct” pundits who influence you.  Therefore, it would be more accurate for you to label the government policies of Hungary and Poland as “politically incorrect”, and not as totalitarian.  NATO is a political and military alliance of democratic countries.  By stating that Poland is totalitarian you harm not only Poland, but NATO and the United States.

I request that you promptly apologize for misinforming American, and by extension, world public opinion. Please issue a correction which states that:  Poland is NOT a totalitarian country.


Frank J. Spula

President of the Polish American Congress